Sessions will be held from 8am-5pm on Saturday and Sunday!

Ballroom A

What’s your content strategy? Building brand through content

Taxes, Healthcare, Retirement and etc. for Entrepreneurs

Life’s a Roller Coaster: Mental Stability and Emotional Intelligence

Self-Care: How to manage the physical and mental hustle

40 to 80 real quick: The first steps to transition from Corporate to Entrepreneurship

Fireside chat with David Shands and Carl Brown Co-Founder FUBU

I like my job: Branding & Leadership in Corporate America

BYOB Abroad: Build Your Business and See the World

Staying Ahead of the Game: The Future of Technology

Ballroom B

Digital Marketing: Email, Affiliate, Webinars, Display Ads & more

Influencer Marketing: How to build Brand and Influencer partnerships

Get Published : Breaking down the writing process

Mastering the Art of Networking & Negotiating

Do it for the Cause: Non-Profit Success

Analytics matter: Identifying the REAL KPI’s for your business

I need money in the bank: How to save your first $10,000

Productivity is everything! Tips, Tricks, & Hacks

Beat the Odds! The Non-Starving Artist

Ballroom C

Dominating Events & Entertainment

Selling your brand offline: The art of face to face connection & personal touch

Long Term Wealth Building & Real Estate

How you can make millions with government contracting

Protecting Your Brand: Contract Tricks & Tips, Crisis Management, Mergers & More

Pitch Perfect: Your Elevator and Your Business Pitch are Major Keys

#SwipeUp: Hacking Social Media

#IssaMovement: Building your tribe & community

Funding Your Future: How to get money for your ideas